Nathan RussellNathan Russell is a writer, father, game designer, teacher and podcaster, though not necessarily in that order. He has been writing since his hands were big enough to hold a crayon and publishing games since 2005. He runs National Game Design Month, was the host of the popular Here Be Gamers podcast and publishes games under the Peril Planet label.
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My hobby gaming has been consumed by a new miniature skirmish game the last few weeks. I stumbled across Frostgrave,…

Building my road machines

Building my Mad Max-inspired miniature vehicles was surprisingly straightforward. I started by gathering my hot wheels and matchbox cars and…

Mad Max Inspired Mayhem

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road a when it came out a couple of months ago and got all inspired…


Here’s a quick thumb-sketch of an idea for a story or campaign, inspired by Marvel’s Inhumans. I’m actually quite intrigued…

Unicorn Western

While I was on holidays I had time to read a few books, including a wacky fantasy-western called Unicorn Western by…

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Today my family is spending our very first day at Disney World. This has been an adventure a long time in the…





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