Nathan RussellNathan Russell is a writer, father, game designer, teacher and podcaster, though not necessarily in that order. He has been writing since his hands were big enough to hold a crayon and publishing games since 2005. He runs National Game Design Month, was the host of the popular Here Be Gamers podcast and publishes games under the Peril Planet label.
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Apocalypse Road Design Diary

This is first in what I hope will be a regular series of design diaries! A few months ago I…

More Frostgrave Wizard Specialists

Last week I wrote  post exploring themed spell lists for wizard specialists in Frostgrave. This was originally done because I was…

Frostrgrave Wizard Specialists

Here is an idea to provide some additional flavour and depth to your Frostgrave wizard. The ten schools of magic…

Writers and the Right Brain

Holy crap, I just did an exercise where I wrote a response to a question, then switched hands and answered…

Meta Dice

Not that long ago a gentleman by the name of Bill Edmunds got in contact and told me about an…


My hobby gaming has been consumed by a new miniature skirmish game the last few weeks. I stumbled across Frostgrave,…





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