I have recieved lots of really great feedback about the NaNoWriMo calendars I created for this year’s event. I really appreciate all the wonderful things people have said, and I get a genuine thrill out of knowing that so many people are going to be looking at that wallpaper while they create their masterpiece! Heck, I keep minimising programs to look at it!

I also want to give credit to the great artists that provided the stock photos for this wallpaper. All images were taken from stock.xchng and the artists were (in no particular order);

  • magicmarie (coffee stains)
  • nazreth (donut)
  • scol22 (spiral notebook)
  • digitalemu (paper with holes)
  • brokenarts (pen)
  • atroszko (pistol)
  • amborzjo (postcard)
  • the_mutt (wax seal)

You can enter these usernames into the advanced search engine (in the “by photographer” section) to find each gallery of images.