Okay, after much percolating, stewing and the like, I have the vaguest of ideas on what I will write over the next month. I am calling my novel The Vigilant (changed from my previous working title of The Broken Tower). Here is the elevator pitch;

When Tup Brewster set foot in the City he was uncertain of his future, but nothing could have prepared him for his encounter with the enigmatic John Arkham and his sudden plunge into the dark underside of the metropolis. Now Tup must hunt down the killer of a seemingly lowly Glom worker, avoid the relentless Inspector Crox and try to stay alive – despite the constant danger that his association with John Arkham seems to drop him into.

It is a kind of thriller / detective / young adult story. I have a pretty good idea of the “setup” and first couple of chapters, a few “set piece” encounters/scenes that I wouldn’t mind seeing and a bunch of supporting characters ready to introduce. Beyond that, I am very excited to see where the story leads me!

vigilant cover1

Here is my concept for a cover. The very cool toph-hatted character is by XtwistedshellX, over at Deviant Art. Layout and other elements are all mine.