Now, I am not about to jump into the whole “iPad is great / awful” debate, but I do want to make a couple of comments. While it is a first gen piece of tech and some really techy people have already pointed out some of the things they believe is missing from the iPad, and it is no doubt going to improve with newer versions, I will be buying one when I can finally get one in Australia. Why? Because I have a metric ton of PDF docs and ebooks and from everything I have seen the iPad has the functions I want to read it. Some months I go through close to a ream of paper (yes, that’s 500 pages) printing out pdf docs, excerpts and other stuff because I just can’t sit for extended periods at my desk reading off my computer and my netbook screen is waaaay too small for prolonged reading.


As a pdf publisher I am also excited about the prospect of creating documents that take advantage of everythinig a pdf can do and being confident that these will be useable by people “on the run” and not just tied to their desktop.  It would be great to taylor pdf’s that can not just include bookmarks and word searches, but embedded media and layers too.

I encourage everyone to check out these excellent videos from Gnome Stew for more ideas on what gamers might do with the iPad. After scouring the web for reviews and info on this device, these videos gave me the infor about PDF’s etc that I could not find anywhere else!