At this very moment, as I write, Andrew Smith is running a game of The Beast of Limfjord at Go Play Brisbane. A few weeks ago I had promised him an up-dated version of the game, with all the things I had learnt from the various playtester responses. Then my computer had a major meltdown! This week I managed to get things back on track and burned the midnight oil to update The Beast. The result was a revision of some of the core rules and a whole heap of extra information for game masters, to assist with running the adventure. Tonight, I am hoping to hear how smoothly everything went!

The next step is to work on setting detail and background information, followed by rules for character generation. It was never my intention for players to have to use the five pre-generated characters. I have about three weeks to do this; that will give me enough time to edit, finalise layout and get some print-on-demand copies  in time for September. The Beast of Limfjord was originally written as part of the Stockade Challenge and the plan was to launch it at GenCon Oz, but it was announced yesterday that the highlight in my gaming calendar has been cancelled. Never fear, though, I will find another avenue to celebrate the completion of this game in September!