Take a favorite movie and turn it into a fantasy adventure story or scenario. Here’s mine, I will call it The Tower;
The Grand Wizard Nakatomi is holding a ball to celebrate the construction of his new tower, the tallest in the city. The wealthy and powerful of the land will be there. The heroes find themselves in the employ of a guest or Nakatomi himself, possibly as servants, bodyguards, heralds, advisors or consorts. The ball will last all night and only end with the coming of dawn, when the guests will go to the roof and watch the rising of the sun from the tallest tower in the city. Being a wise wizard (is there any other kind?), Nakatomi has ensorcelled the doors and windows of the tower so none can enter or leave until morning. That should keep everyone safe, and negates the need for a large contingent of soldiers to protect the guests. Unfortunately, Hans the Bandit King has disguised himself as the foppish Lord Gruber and intends to rob the guests. His escape plan? One of his men is summoning giant eagles to whisk them away from the top of the tower – of course it’s going to take all night for the summoning ritual to be completed! That means our heroes have till dawn to rescue the guests, get their valuables back, and stop Hans and his men. I imagine there will be much moving up and down the tower (possibly via magical service ducts), guerilla fighting, the using and discovering of disguises and many witty one-liners.