Last year I had a great time creating some desktop wallpapers for NaNoWriMo, complete with calendars and word count goals. In order to get myself psyched-up and in gear (and to procrastinate on the prep I should be doing), I have begun creating some more. Here are the first two offerings (both are 1280×800);


My first wallpaper for 2010, “Kaiju”, is inspired by Japanese giant-monster movies. The red kanji letters say “Kaiju”… I think!

The giant monster pic is by ZillaMaster91 from DeviantArt.

My Desk

The second wallpaper is inspired by one of my wallpapers from last year. I have tweaked it so it has a bit of a different feel from last year, while maintaining many of the key elelments.

The “My Desk”  wallpaper was created with stock images from Artists used were;

  • magicmarie (coffee stains)
  • michaelaw (coffee cup)
  • scol22 (spiral notebook)
  • digitalemu (paper with holes)
  • brokenarts (pen)
  • xnunox (ear phones)
  • garwee (postcard)
  • the_mutt (wax seal)

Please comment here if you use either of these wallpapers.