So, halfway through week one and I should either be 4950 words into my novel or halfway through my first game, or both. Turns out I am 1650 words into a novel I have no interest in and about a quarter of the way into my first game project. But work has been busy, I have decided my family is more important than sitting in a dark room writing, and I have the weekend to make up for any shortcomings that I may currently be experiencing. So, to be clear, I still expect to finish 4 game projects by the end of the month and am not writing a novel. But, I might just write five or six linked short stories in my spare time. Ha, spare time! Isn’t it amazing that the more you do the more you seem to fit in?
The first game I am working on is FU, or Free Universal. It is a simple, fast-playing game heavily based on my previous work on Vignette. I like the name FU. I imagine I can create all kinds of supplements about various settings and genres and call them things like Super-FU, Cowboy-FU, Space-FU and, um, Kung-FU. The main upgrades to the Vignette system is more detailed combat and clarifications on character generation, gear and the sequence of play. I intend to release the game at the end of the week, under some creative commons or open liscence. I would love to hear from you what your preferred license is – I am looking for something that encourages people to create for and add to the base rules. I am leaning toward the OGL for this, mainly because there is a culture (mind set?) around using OGL games as a launching off point.
Anyhow, I have to get back to some writing.