Alright. Week 3 is done, and so is game number 3. I was worried, because I didn’t think I would get a game done this week, but as things turned out I need not have worried. In fact, this week was quite productive. Not only have I finished a game (The Chase), but I wrote a review for the next issue of Thru-the-Portal, and played a couple of different games including the new Civilisation board game (it was fun).

The Chase is what I am calling a “mini game”. You know how you sometimes play a computer game and you reach a point where  you have to complete some puzzle, sport or other mini-game, the controls / rules of which are quite different to the rest of the game you are playing? Well, The Chase is the same thing for your RPG. It is a quick card-based game that you can use as an alternative to the normal chase rules in your game. Get it here;

The Chase

This is my first, rough draft. Check it out and give me feedback. This will eventually go into the System Free line of game resources and anyone that provides substantial and/or useful feedback will get themselves credit for their effort and a free copy of the finished game. Leave feedback in the comments below, or email me (just hit the envelope button at the top of the page).