Progress continues on FU, though not as quickly as I had hoped. Luckily, the weekend approaches and I have given myself until Sunday to have it completed and posted on the Peril Planet site. I had a couple of issues in terms of putting everything together in a way that both conveyed the information I wanted to, and gave the options that some players of Vignette had been asking for. I think I have solved both.

First, this post by Daniel Solis really helped me get to grips with layout. I was struggling with a way to get all the examples and rules explanations and additional detail into the text, without clogging up the actual rules text. This layout was the perfect solution. Thanks Daniel!

Second, I was really struggling to consolidate my vision of a very rules light, streamlined rules system that could be picked up, learnt  and played within minutes, with the desire to provide “crunch” for those players that wanted it. Luckily the solution has been found, in the guise of the “modular” and “open” nature I intend to present the rules. Simply put, I am writing the rules I want to play, and then writing a module for crunchy combat. Huzzah!

More info when I have done more work!