Last October I wrote about how I used the RPG Fiasco to brainstorm and plot out a novel. That post can be found here. It was great fun and a brilliant way to explore the setting before I began writing proper. Since then I have gone back, edited and fleshed out the material I used for that project and put together a Fiasco Playset of my own. The Aftermath is a playset inspired by the Mad Max movies and television shows such as Jericho and Jeremiah. Expect to see it later this year. While I am talking about Fiasco, let me reiterate what a great game it is. The folk at Bully Pulpit Games continue to support it with regular monthly releases of free play sets, and they are currently working on the Fiasco Companion, which I am really looking forward to. What is in the Companion? I am not really sure, but I know it is going to expand the ways you can use the game, which is totally cool. You should also take a look at this great interview with Jason Morningstar over at Go Forth and Game.