Hey, it turns out that the last post I did (the one on Google+) was my 100th post. Now, this perhaps isn’t amazing for some of you blogging folk, but it IS a milestone. I am still trying to get my head around what I want to get out of blogging (if anything), and the exact purpose of this site (and my others). But 101 posts and it has only taken two years. I guess that isn’t too bad actually – works out to be a about a post a week. Who would have thought that I could achieve that? So where to now? Well, I am hoping to consolidate a few things that I am doing, and make this website the “hub” for my writing and personal reflections. Here are some of my thoughts.

PerilPlanet.com is the focus for my game designs and where I host all the related images, files and promotions. Everything I post over there is reposted here, so it is kind of redundant. I plan to make it more of a “splash page” where I can leave information about my games, but link directly here under a “blog” tab. That site is also on a separate hosting plan to all my other sites, which is just a crazy way for me to throw money away at the moment. I will migrate it to the hosting account that all my other sites are on when its current plan runs out.

HereBeGamers.com is the home to my podcast and I am really happy with the way it is going. I am getting back into the swing of updating it regularly and it looks pretty good, too. The stuff on that site is too “niche” to cross post here so it will just chug along as it is.

NathanRussell.net (hey, that’s this site) is a bit of a grab bag at the moment as I have really struggled to nail down what I want this site to be. I keep flip-flopping between wanting it to be a personal blog that I can direct people to find out more, and a blog about a specific topic that will draw traffic. I think I am finally decided that it will be a personal blog and contact point, as well as a way to tie together all my projects. I think.

Anyway, enough from me, and happy 101 post day to everyone!