Okay, I am almost pretty positively kinda certain that I will be heading to Brisbane in October for Auscon II. This is amazing and I can only attribute this stroke of good luck to the fact that my wife hasn’t realised it’s our wedding anniversary. I won’t tell if you don’t. Anyway, I had this crazy idea that I almost didn’t share, but here I am, umm, sharing it.

Can we make a complete, ready to go roleplaying game in 10 weeks?

That’s my question to you. It’s kind of rhetorical as I am so arrogant confident that I think I can do anything. But the question is can WE make a game in ten weeks? What I am thinking is you encourage me with stupid chanting (“Chug! Chug! Chug!”) and helpful advice and together I will write a game we all want to play. And by all, I mean “the majority, as moderated by your benevolent dictator – me”. We decide the “big picture” elements of genre, game system, themes, setting and the like, then I put it together, with regular updates to you and feedback from you. The ultimate goal is to have a complete, playable game in an ashcan-like format ready for you to pick up and playtest at Auscon. I might even run a game of it.

At this stage I haven’t committed to doing this. What I want from you is a green light (no, nothing to do with the Green Lantern, though my imagination is just as powerful). Tell me if you like this idea and are prepared to offer feedback, advice, strong opinions, chanting or some other support. Tell me if you think I’m crazy (don’t worry you are not the first); that I should be supporting my students as they approach their final exams; or I must spend more time with my young family. If I get enough interest (as measured by My Gut™) then I will move forward with this. Leave your comments below.