Go into the kitchen right now and create a dish. Make something you have never made before, using whatever ingredients are to hand. Be imaginative, daring and brave! Don’t use a recipe, either.

I’ll  wait for you.

Done? What did you make? What were the ingredients? What did it taste like? Think about the smell, texture before and after you put it in your mouth, the look and of course the taste. Make some notes and explore all the senses (yes, even hearing – was it crunchy, squishy or sizzling?). Did you enjoy it?

Now, write a story about a character that creates a dish. Describe what happens if they think it is wonderful, but everyone else hates it. Or do it the other way around – they hate what they have created, but everyone else loves it. What happens if they become famous for this dish that everyone loves or hates? To what ends will they go to share their brilliant dish, or destroy it? Then escalate the situation – what if the dish is needed to save the President, King, or room full of hostages? And the character hates it. Or they love it, know it will work, but nobody trusts them.

Oh, by the way, I just created Pizza Flavoured Omelette. I am now scrubbing the recipe from my brain.