I officially* commenced the Young Writers Program for students at my school today. The YWP is a part of NaNoWriMo, and provides a lot of support for young people and teachers participating in the craziness of creative writing. They were all very enthusiastic and I kind of got carried away in the moment and said I would write 50,000 words alongside them. I hadn’t actually decided whether I was writing a novel or doing game design as part of NaGa DeMon, but I guess I know now! I still intend to be cheerleading all you NaGa DeMons out there, so don’t fret – your Serpent Overlord is still watching you with his hypnotic gaze and rattling tale (actually, that’s just Tic Tacs in my back pocket…).

On a related note, thanks to Matt Forbeck for the shout-out on Twitter, spreading the word about NaGa DeMon. As I mentioned in my last post, Matt is planning to write twelve novels next year. Why not head on over to his site and give him some moral support before November 1, when you can support his Kickstarter project.

So now what? Sometime this coming week Andrew Smith and I will probably host a Google+ Hangout for game designers, and I will come up with an idea for a NaNo novel. Hmmm…. might be time to crack out Fiasco again!

*Which means I have spent a number of weeks setting things up, booking room, ordering awards / rewards and doing “behind the scenes stuff”.