NagaDemon 2011 bannerNovember is over and I have to say, I am totally blown away by the response to NaGa DeMon this year. People from all over the world have been on creative benders, designing and playing boardgames, RPG’s, video games, wargames, supplements, adventures, add-ons and expansions in a huge variety of settings and genres. Experienced game creators, virgin game designers, world renowned bloggers, novelists, game design dabblers, students, and tavern wenches have all put their hand up to have a go. (Okay, I am not sure about the tavern wenches.) Some of you powered through and finished early; some worked up to the wire and finished in a nick of time; some of you gave it your very best but found your design efforts dashed upon the rocky shores of life; some combined your work with that of NaNoWriMo or one of the other projects happening in November; and a few continued to bang away at your project after the buzzer and managed to complete your work. Whatever approach you took, whether you completed your game or not, CONGRATULATIONS!

Whether you were successful or not, now is the time to talk about your NaGa DeMon experience. What was your inspiration, your design process, the good bits and the bad? When you played your game, did it work the way you expected? If you didn’t get around to playing it, what are you hoping to find out in your first playtest? What do you intend to do now?

If you have your own website or blog, feel free to leave a link in the comments below. If you don’t have anywhere to share, then tell us all about your experiences in the comments. Also, don’t forget to go read the comments on the NaGa DeMon page, as lots of people have already posted their feedback there.

Now that November is over, your designing doesn’t have to stop. I hope NaGa DeMon gave you a “kick in the pants” to tackle that game you have always talked about doing, and now that you have started, keep going! If you think your game “has legs” (as they say), there are plenty of resources out there to help you take your game further. I also want to point Australian game designers to the Australian Game Designers Facebook page, a new community meeting place for likeminded folk.

Okay, I am off to draft my first “feedback” post. November was epic, and I need to get my head around everything. Once again, congratulations to everyone that had a go at NaGa DeMon and I look forward to reading your game feedback.