I recently finished an article for Fenix, a Swedish gaming magazine, about the Australian gaming “scene”. This involved me doing some “proper” research into what was happening in Australia (in terms of game playing and design), rather than the casual observations that I typically engage in. I want to thank Mark Whalan, Charles Bishop and Andrew Smith for letting me interview them for the article, and everyone else that put their hand up to be interviewed – I really appreciate the offer, but time was against me on this one!

Australia has a really vibrant gaming community, and although we are scattered across vast distances we have long been connected through conventions. Now, with the internet such a useful communication tool, we are getting connected with one another more and more often, in new and exciting ways. One such way is the Australian Game Designers group on FaceBook. This is a community of likeminded individuals who are actively supporting one another in their game designer process, engaging in discussion on a variety of topics related to gaming, game design and our place (as Australians) in the wider gaming world. You should check it out.