• Where has today gone? #
  • Actually, I know. Between doing business cards for @KirstyRussell and member cards for Every Gamers Guild, I’ve not had time for much else. #
  • Every day I seem to wake more tired than the day before. #Tired #
  • Got my copy of Tomorrow’s War (Ambush Alley Games) yesterday afternoon. Great production values and interesting rules. #
  • @Wizards_DnD All characters have the potential to influence (non combat) encounters in interesting (unique or otherwise) ways. #
  • Will Apple Reveal a Garage Band for eBooks? http://t.co/wArjO1tf #
  • One Important Way for Authors to Get Discovered by Readers http://t.co/xfOBF7p9 #
  • Wonderful lunch with my wife. #
  • Haircut… Complete! #

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