This week’s Shout Out goes to Duke University and the Edwin and Terry Murray Collection of Role Playing Games, which has thousands of roleplaying games, box sets and modules available for research purposes. I just think it is cool that there is a collection of roleplaying game material being kept in this way. Our hobby is incredibly young, but as we live in a disposable age we risk losing much of our gaming heritage if we aren’t careful. Perhaps if I tell my wife that all my games are a collection for the posterity of our gaming heritage she will let me buy more stuff…

As a hoarder, I already have piles of crap games in my collection, but my most prized one are actually my gaming magazines. I remember going to the newsagent each month and getting them (usually they were already months out of date, but that didn’t matter). I have hundreds of Dragon and White Dwarf magazines and a host of other periodicals that were less long lived (such as GM and GMI magazine, Australian Realms and GamesMan).

What games or geek objects would you save in a collection?

Shout Out is a regular “column” where I draw your attention to something I am enjoying, excited about, or just think is cool.