This week I want to draw your attention to The Unstore, a “clearinghouse” for independent game creators. Much like Indie Press Revolution (IPR), it is a place where you can find a whole bunch of indie RPG’s (and sometimes other things). Unlike IPR, each creator is responsible for the processing and fulfilment of purchases. When you buy something from The Unstore, you are basically sending money directly to the owner / creator and telling them to post (or email) a copy of their game to you. At the moment it is a great place to get your Vincent Baker games, as well as some other “classic” indie RPG’s, such as Sorcerer, Burning Wheel and Shock: Social Science Fiction. I used to have some of my games available via The Unstore, though at the moment I am really time poor and don’t want someone to send me an order for something I cannot immediately dispatch. Perhaps in the future, I will get back there. You should check it out.

Shout Out is a regular “column” where I draw your attention to something I am enjoying, excited about, or just think is cool.

* You might have noticed that I did not use the big red loud-hailer image for this week’s shout out. I originally used the same image to visually link each related post, but am now thinking that a unique picture for each post is “nicer”. What do you think?