If you take a look back over the past month of articles on Verge, you might be wondering if the setting is science fiction or fantasy. The original game most obviously had  a fantasy setting and that has been the primary emphasis of the descriptions and other notes I have written on the City. But just about all the inspirations I have talked about so far have been science fiction. I am probably a much bigger fan of sci-fi than fantasy, and this is coming through as I draw on the things I know. Also, the single word that sparked the game was “fantasypunk” and I was shooting for a “fantasy cyberpunk” – so cyberpunk has obviously been an influence (which I will cover in a future post).

Personally, I don’t think of the setting as either fantasy or science fiction. I am more interested in creating an interesting place full of life, danger and wonder. I guess I have been drawing on science fiction imagery and tropes in an attempt to avoid common fantasy city cliches – which is fine, to a point. I am going to dig around in my subconscious and see what fantasy films, books, artists, games and tropes have been secetly informing my vision of the City. And then, of course, I will share them with you.