Hi boys and girls! This is a short post to let you all know what’s been happening here at the fortress of attitude. Obviously, things have been quiet around here. I have been Busy (note the capital “B”). Work has been busier than I ever remember it, for absolutely no discernible reason – just lots of things happening all at once, people calling in favours, and my inability to say “no” to folk have lead to this. To make things worse – no, not worse, busier, more difficult – we put our house on the market and have been in a flurry of preparation to sell. Then we sold, and now we are in a flurry of worry about where we are going to live!

Anyway, long story short, I have been busy. I have done no writing, no work on games, I haven’t even played a game in almost a month. (A tabletop game, as opposed to a computer game – there’s always time to sneak in a half hour of X-box.) Truly desperate times!

Also, while I think of it, the Peril Planet website will likely disappear shortly. This is a sad day, as it was my first website and domain, and has been with me for many years. Do not fear, however! I am transferring its hosting and it will reappear at a later date, even if it is just a re-direct to this site. I am acutely aware of my ability (or lack there of) to maintain more than one website, and am consolidating those that I have.

Anyway, things are beginning to settle down (though we still have nowhere to move to), and hopefully you will see (read?) more from me in April. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delays!

– Nathan