There has been some discussion on the FU yahoo group about the name of my freeform/universal RPG, and specifically how you pronounce it. This amuses me greatly, as I never really thought it would be that controversial. I always pronounce it “Foo”, like in “fung-fu”. I can, however, understand that some might have a double-take when they first see it – some folk out there instinctively read it as “F-U”, as in “Fuck You”. And while they haven’t been offended (they know I’m not talking to them!) it has been said it’s a bit of an immature name. Fair enough.

So, what’s the solution? To be honest, I am not too sure. I like the name. I like that I can create all kinds of “hacks” with bad puns, like “May the Fu be with you” and “I know kung-Fu”. It also ties back to the original descriptive name, “Free / Universal”.

I don’t like the idea of completely renaming the game – but if you can give me a smoking hot, totally awesome and / or bat-shit insane suggestion, I am happy to consider it. Another option is to stick with the letters and take a stab at another great game name: FURPS, the Freeform, Universal Role Playing System.

Alternatively, I could change the name to “Fu”. Will the lowercase “u” reduce the confusion? Possibly – why don’t you tell me!

A final idea I am tossing around is using a classic umlaut Ü (Fü, or FÜ). This “u” has a longer “oo” sound, and also lends a little bit of heavy-metal bad-assery! I also think it might be visually interesting on a logo/book cover.

This is one of the things that is churning around my brain as I continue to potter away on a new edition. What are your thoughts?