So, I recently started using Pinterest and may just be a little bit addicted*. Rather than having piles of folders filled with pictures on my hard drive, I now keep it all on Pinterest! And it’s kind of organised. And I can share them… for some reason… I have also begun using it to collect “concept” ideas for some other projects I am working on, which is really useful – kind of like a “mood board”.

More importantly for you, I have started to use it to review games that I enjoy. Pinterest is actually a really good platform for “mini reviews” of games as it allows me to include a picture and a brief review of up to 500 characters. I am also trying to get the pictures from the companies that produce the game, so you can click the image and go straight to the product! How kind am I? Check out the reviews here. Leave a comment, let me know what you think.

*Don’t judge me!