• Hi to @Reanimatorgirl and @metaWord #
  • Hi to @MyHomeTruths #
  • Road rules? More like “guidelines”. #DrivingWithMyWife #
  • @ghostfinder Yes, I am trying to convince my son that, as cool as Ninjas and Ninjago is, Monster Fighters are better! #
  • Oh crap. I think I have become addicted to @Pinterest #
  • @d20Dad I’m sure you’re getting this offer from others but when things settle down PM with contact details & I’ll send you a care package! #
  • So jealous of folk at #SDCC right now. Where are other non-attenders getting the best coverage / gossip? #
  • @d20dad An RPG care package, that is (there the best kind!). #
  • So, I’m thinking @Pinterest is a great way to do micro game reviews: http://t.co/EimfDRbP #

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