So, a couple of days ago I posted about my “Choose Your Own Adventure” book for a course I am doing. Then, yesterday, I was checking on the NaGa DeMon website and noticed that I mentioned “Choose Your Own Adventures” as a possible option. Since this game format was on my mind, I thought I would whip around the web and collect a few links to resources that might be useful to those of you interested in trying your hand at writing your own “pick-a-path” style adventure game.

To start with, let me point you to Demians Game Book page, which has a LOT of links to game book resources, fan sites and more. This was my starting point for further investigation.

The Fighting Fantasy website publishes “Amateur Adventures” written by fans, and they have a template you can download to use when creating your own.

The Interactive Fiction Wiki has a variety of info about (surprisingly) interactive fiction, but could be useful in the creation of game books.

My favourite site, however, is here. It looks at a number of CYOA books and analyses the distribution of choice pages and endings. It is a fascinating read.

Happy reading, writing and gaming!