Okay, a number of people have been gently reminding me that NaGa DeMon is only a couple of weeks ago, and I had better pull my finger out and get the ball rolling! I do admit I have been a little behind on this front, but I am here to tell you now, IT IS ON AND IT IS GONNA ROCK! If youdon’t know what NaGa DeMon is, then check out this page, or the official website. I also highly recommend joining the Official Facebook Page, which is where I am hoping much discussion about game progress will occur this year.

This afternoon I will post an updated logo and begin filling the inboxes of the world’s media with details. A couple of questions for you, loyal readers and would-be participants:

  • What colour would you like this year’s logo? Bright is better.
  • Do you want to do anything special for this year’s event, such as a google hang-out, “night of write..ing…” (hey, it almost rhymed), or (insert awesome idea here)?

I look forward to hearing from you!