The Expendables 2

Okay, I will keep this brief, because, honestly, there isn’t a lot to say. If you grew up on a steady diet of action movies in the 1980’s and early 90’s, then you have probably already charged to the cinema to see this set-piece action extravaganza, filled with so much CGI blood splatter that it becomes tedious. The plot is pretty basic – Stallone and co meet a bad guy (Van Damme) who does bad stuff, so they go out to get revenge.
The real joy in this film is the unashamed fan-service. These guys (that is, the film makers and stars) aren’t taking this seriously – they know who their target audience is and just play everything to them. All the great action heroes are here, all the famous lines are delivered, and the action scenes are loud, blood soaked and full of the dramatic nuance you have come to expect from John Rambo, John McClane and John Matrix… What is it with all these action men characters being called John?
Stallone acts his heart out, Statham plays himself as usual, Willis is more arrogant than I really like and Schwarzenegger’s performance is wooden to say the least. Van Damme is a real bastard that you enjoy seeing pummelled and the other supporting cast members do an admirable job at chewing gum and kicking arse.
This isn’t a great movie, but I never expected it to be. And perhaps that is why I loved it.

My favourite part of the film was when Chuck Norris appeared!