With less than two hours before the end of NaGa DeMon 2012 for me, I thought I would make a quick post to share my game with you. This is not the sum of what I created over november (I wrote close to fifty pages), but is the core of what I created. There is enough here for you to take Perpetual City for a spin and try it on for size. It is presented as a hack for FU, which is kind of relevant as the game is built on the work I have previously done on FU.

Most of what I created this month turned out to be background material, which I will share at a later date. The “FU hack” format didn’t seem right to share pages and page of setting detail. It deserves to go into a beautiful, complete, stand-alone game which will happen sooner rather than later. The game is pretty much a complete “alpha draft”, and when I have taken a rest I will give it a polish and get a few of you to take a look at it.

Anyway, I will take specifically about my NaGa DeMon successes and failures in a future post, when I have caught up on some sleep. In the mean time, enjoy Perpetual City Core.