Just a quick update today before I head back to looking after children and enjoying Christmas cheer beer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dystopian Wars

I have assembled and base-coated all the Dystopian Wars figures that I picked up, and purchased a few more. It turns out my FSA force seriously outpointed the CoA, then a friend gave me another large FSA landship! I will supply photos soon.
I have also played a game of Dystopian Wars. It is very similar to Uncharted Seas, which I played a fair bit of when it first came out. There are quite a number of additional rules, however, for things like little fighter wings and shield generators which I have not quite fully got my head around yet!


School holidays gives me time to make a big mess in the shed, which means terrain making! I have already done a bunch of extra pieces for my jungle terrain, some trees more appropriate for an orchard, and a forest full of christmas trees. A full post and photos for each of these is coming.