The-Usborne-Book-of-the-Future-coverI blame Back to the Future 2 for my need for a hoverboard. Now, I am sure they were an established “thing” in sci-fi before Marty McFly jumped on his, but damn that movie just made it look cool (even if it was fluro pink). Who wouldn’t want one?

“Where’s my hoverboard” has certainly become a catch-cry for a generation that feels science has forgotten the promises it made, the hope it offered, the wonder and excitement that was just around the corner. How many of you read those books as a kid, you know, ones like Usborne’s “Book of THE FUTURE” that promised us holidays in space, colonies on mars, robot servants and flying cars? I remember, and Seth Sentry obviously does, too. I heard this track on Triple J the other day and I felt it hit the right tone. Be warned, though, it has explicit lyrics.