Lego FU-1My good friend Andrew Smith was busy during NaGa DeMon, creating a hack for my freeform / universal roleplaying game, FU. His target of choice? Lego! And the result is fantastic!

I really enjoyed reading the descriptions of the Lego universe and seeing elements of the Clutch Powers film (a favourite in our household) incorporated into the game. The need to create stuff out of Lego in order to “heal” or restore a character’s creation spark is just inspired, and I look forward to playing a game with a big pile of Lego sitting in the middle of the table! Kind of a cross between roleplaying and Creationary. Awesome!

Lego FU is now available from the Peril Planet website, or just click here.

*Lego FU is a purely fan-created, not-for-profit piece of fun. No harm, insult or damage intended.