word count smallI only ran across this post by musician and all-round geek John Anealio today, and thought I would make a quick post about it. John has initiated “23 in ’13”, where he intends to create 23 new pieces of music this year. He has also invited others to “participate” with him. You can read about it here.

I feel this nicely dovetails with my desire to write more this year. 23 what, though? 23 blogposts seems way too easy, but 23 short stories is a lot more than I imagined myself writing. I love a challenge, but I think that is just setting myself up for failure. Someone else commented on John’s blog that they would attempt to write 23 chapters of a single book, and this is probably a good, achievable goal for me too.  I guess I need to make a decision on what story I will work on this year, then. Hmmm… decisions, decisions.

Do you have a “big goal” for this year?