Okay. Deep breath. Turn away if you’re squeamish. Here comes the confession…

I tweet on the toilet.

There, I’ve said it. Wrinkle your nose in disgust if you must, but don’t tell me you’ve never taken your phone into the toilet with you. If phones weren’t designed for reading on the toilet, then why do they have the Kindle e-book app? Like I have time to read any place other than the bathroom. Back in my Dad’s day I would have taken the newspaper, or a dog-eared paperback. But I’m a modern man, connected, in-touch, linked-up and fully digital. I have a status to update, comments to respond to, and funny pictures of kittens to re-tweet. If I don’t do it while taking a little respite from the children, when would I? (I know, as a man, I am able to go to the toilet without the children following me. Some Mums may not be able to enjoy this experience!)

Apple knows you’re going to take your iPhone into the toilet. That’s why they warn you not to get it wet. They know you are likely to. I am not precisely sure why you can’t get it wet. There is probably some logical reason, like it makes the phone stop working. But a part of me wants it to be because if you get an iPhone wet it will multiply, like Gizmo in the film Gremlins. And phones growing new phones – FOR FREE – is just bad business.

I just wanted to confess that. You can follow me on twitter here. As you read my tweets think about this post. You can thank me for the mental picture later!

Where do you squeeze out your social media time? When is the most productive time for you?

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