I don’t think Weird Al needs any introduction – he is the king of geek pop, having created so many great songs riffing on popular tunes and contemporary culture. I love Weird Al Yankovic’s music and had a very hard time deciding which songs to share today. In the end I decided on White & Nerdy, and the Truck Driving song. White & Nerdy is just a great “anthem” for being a geek and both the lyrics and film clip have heaps of great “easter eggs” – I love the scene where he is wearing a Carl Sagan t-shirt!

I chose the Truck Driving song because it is one that (for some reason) has just stuck with me. It is catchy and lively, and unlike some of Weird Al’s songs, the lyrics are clear and easy to hear. I remember singing along to this on road trips!

You can visit Weird Al’s official website here.

Do you have a favourite Weird Al song? Do you have another suggestion for a “geek anthem”?

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