l_whisky_glass_fire_400wAs I sit here on a Sunday evening, enjoying a scotch and hoping the children go to bed before my favourite TV shows begin, I thought I would drop a short post about my writing and blogs and a little organisation. I made mention at the start of the year that I had two goals; to lose weight, and to write more. I am going well on both accounts so far. I have continued to lose weight, and I have begun plotting a long work of fiction, a novel perhaps, though I am not sure what length it will end up being. I have also been blogging more, however the astute reader will notice there has not been a lot of activity here. I have decided to focus this blog as my more “professional” contact with the world, a bit of a “landing page”. Most of the posts I share here will likely relate to writing or game design or some combination of both. I have a second blog where I share more “personal” experiences and thoughts, and have been doing a good job of keeping it updated a couple of times a week since the start of the year. I invite you to pay me a visit over at Just Add Geek.

Just Add GeekAs an exercise in writing, keeping a blog regular has been an interesting and informative experience. I have committed to contributing to a number of “link ups” that encourage me to write posts on a regular basis. A link up is simply where you share a link to a blog post you have written with a group / community of bloggers who are all exchanging links. Some of them have broad parameters for the kind of post you write, while others give you free reign. I tend to stick to the free reign type of link ups. It has been gratifying to find I have had little trouble writing regularly in this manner. At the moment Just Add Geek is a broad mix of topics, as I continue to find and refine my voice for both the site and the audience. I expect to explore more geekery as I find my feet, as well as talk about life as a Dad, husband and geek.

snake2I am also still working on the official NaGa DeMon website. My main goal is to generate some content so the site isn’t a deserted ghost town for eleven months of the year. The Stockade website that Andrew Smith and I used to maintain will go off line soon, so I have copied some of the articles from there and will be reposting them on the NaGa DeMon site over the coming months. I have a couple of other ideas, too, but need to carve out some time to get the ball rolling on them. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see there, drop me a line.

PPE Logo - rpgnowMy game writing is taking a back seat at the moment. I am enjoying blogging, and I’m looking forward to working on my fiction, and two projects is enough for the moment. I will continue my merry love / hate dance with Perpetual City, but only in my mind at this stage. FU has a fantastic community around it, and I love reading the daily digest from the FU Yahoo group (it is busy!). I had plans to do an updated edition, but at this stage I really don’t think it needs it. It works just the way I want it to, and is flexible enough for other people to tweak, adjust, modify and hack until it works the way they want it to. I am playing and enjoying lots of different games at the moment, and I think that is also helping to scratch an itch that game design was previously tending to. We will see how things unfold.

So, that is the state of things at the moment. My glass is empty, so it is an appropriate time to wrap things up here. See you soon.