she-hulk-diariesIt is no secret that comic books are predominantly read by men (not boys, mind you, the average age of comic book readers is climbing with my every birthday, it seems). But that doesn’t mean comics and super heroes are just for guys. Modern comics and graphic novels can tell interesting, exciting, mature and entertaining stories as well as any kind of popular literature. Comic book fans know this, and I hope that, some day, the wider world will realise it too.

rogue-touchLast week Marvel Entertainment announced they would be partnering with Hyperion Books to publish two novels based on super heroines. The She-Hulk Diaries follows the giant green lawyer as she juggles work, crime fighting, and the dating game. Rogue Touch sees one of my favourite X-Men characters – Rogue – thrown into the supernatural romance genre as a girl incapable of physical contact tries to find love. To be honest, neither book really appeals to me, I own a copy of Twilight but have never read it, and Pride & Prejudice is about as steamy as I get. But I am not the target audience. Neither, I think, are women who already read comics. These books are a way for Marvel to widen their audience, to bring these interesting characters to fans of romance novels. I don’t see it any differently to DC‘s line of big fat novels about Superman and Batman – they are just new ways to read about old characters.

Are you a romance novel reader? A comic book fan? Would you read these books?

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