I play with toy soldiers, and part of the fun of this hobby is painting my miniature figures. My kids have grown up watching me do this, often buzzing around my painting table while I “shoo” them away and warn them to be careful of open paint pots and cups of water. In the past Gilbert and Matilda have “dabbled” a little with painting models, usually with an old and far-too large brush on some terrible old figures I no-longer want. This weekend, though, Matilda (7) and I sat down and had a real go at learning to paint. Here are the results!


We gathered some paints. Old time wargamers might be shocked to find that my 13 year old paints are still more than adequate – they made them to last, back in the day!

A goblin!

I painted one figure as we went, to show how it was done. I kept things simple.

Matilda's goblins

Matilda’s effort. I think this is damn good for the first go by a 7 year old!

The best bit, though, was just being able to spend an hour, one-on-one with Matilda, doing something we were both enjoying. I felt like a real Dad, teaching my girl the important secrets of life.

And yes, painting toy soldiers is one of the essential secrets of life. 🙂

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