Okay, first of all, this is less of a confession and more of a declaration. My darling wife at My Home Truths likes to mock me for my love of buildings made from second hand materials, particularly shipping containers. But I find something beautiful in the rugged steel, the simple lines and geometric shapes of these constructions. They are an excellent way to reuse a resource that quite literally fills up vast amounts of space, as many containers have a short lifespan before being left in shipping-container graveyards on docks and in industrial estates. And some of them just look cool.

Let me demonstrate:


Source: enpundit.com via Nathan on Pinterest




Source: gliving.com via Nathan on Pinterest


The images above are of bespoke holiday homes and other private dwellings, but there are also many projects looking at the use of container homes as a form of low-cost alternative housing, either for disaster relief, or in very poor communities.


Now, part of my fascination my be because I spent more than a little while living in a relocatable building (you know, the kind of thing they use as sight offices on big construction jobs) as a kid. That is something I have to deal with (and I am, with therapy and an unhealthy obsession with shipping containers). I admit, I may go on about how cool it would be to live in one of these buildings. But I am realistic – it will have to wait until the kids have flown the nest and it’s just me and Kirsty – right sweety?

All jokes aside, shipping containers can be used for cheap affordable housing, make interesting holiday cabins, and are just plain cool.

What do you think about shipping containers as dwellings? Do you have a dream holiday home?

Today’s declaration comes as part of My Home Truth’s “I Must Confess”.

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