When it comes to clothes, I am not a “brand” guy. I am totally comfortable in my Lowes polo shirt or Target brand shorts and honestly don’t pay much attention to the brand of the stuff I wear. I am more interested in whether it buttons up properly, or has a cool super hero logo on it! I could not identify Gucci or Calvin Klein if you were paying me.
There is, however, one exception. I love my Docs. Since I was a teen with long hair and an oversized great coat, Doc Martens have been my shoes of choice. Sure, a part of me had a “thing” for Converse All Stars (gym boots, people), but I could never bring myself to pay the exorbitant prices for what amounted to a pair of Dunlop Volleys. But Docs, they are “the bomb” as the cool kids say (I think – I’m no cool kid).

I went for many years without a pair of Docs, but last October I picked myself up a new pair. And they are fabulous, all shiny with bright yellow laces. I’m wearing them whenever I get the chance, but a part of me (the conservative, sensible part) rails against wearing them with shorts. I can’t wait for the cooler whether again, so I can wear them more often.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing, or pair of shoes? Do you follow brands, or just don’t care?