As much as I am a fan of Kickstarter (and I am a fan), sometimes the process can really frustrate me. I know and understand that when you back a product (usually a game for me) on Kickstarter, you are putting your faith in a company and effectively providing capital for the completion of the product. This means you are essentially along for the ride with the manufacturer, subject to all the perils and pitfalls of creating, producing and releasing a game. I get it, but up until now I have been pretty lucky and received all the things I have backed in a pretty timely manner. Part of this is because I have a policy of only backing stuff that is (a) close to completion, and/or (b) by an established company, preferably one that has delivered Kickstarter projects on time before, and/or (c) has a release date in the not-too-distant future.

Today I am a bit down / annoyed / grumpy (choose one or more) because I received an update telling me a Kickstarter project I backed in September last year and was meant to be delivered in May this year will not be available before November. That is a full six months after it was expected to be released and more than a year after I put my money down. I understand that a fair bit of this is out of the game producer’s control, but they cannot be entirely blameless. They had an original plan and goal, and telling me the due date has been pushed back because the Kickstarter was “so successful” is kind of a kick. It was so successful because people like me put money down because we expected to have product in our hand next month, not Christmas. I’m not naming the company, because, as I said, it’s not entirely their fault and they are working hard to provide “something” for backers while we wait. But it is annoying.

This will certainly influence the way I evaluate and back Kickstarters in the future.