So I am back from an unintended hiatus. Nothing terrible or horrible or life changing. I had a few posts in the pipeline, all cued up and ready to go, and then the school holidays rolled around and I, well, relaxed. I had a brilliant time too, pottering about in my pyjamas and doing “stuff” with the kids. We went away for a few days during the second week of the holidays, but otherwise we just worked really hard at being lazy!

I am back into things now, almost have work under control and am thinking about what I want to occupy my free time with. That means I am also thinking about future posts for this blog. I like to write a few posts in advance and schedule them, but I need to be careful as I fell into a bit of a trap at the end of March / beginning of April. I had my Geek Sessions and Friday Flashback posts cued up a few weeks in advance, so became very lax about attending to the blog. That meant comments went un-responded to, and I wasn’t writing a lot of “new” content. I didn’t even get around to adding the last couple to link ups… Bad blogger! 🙂

Has anyone else fallen into this trap before?