get bit tinGet Bit! is a great little “filler” game that I picked up to play with the kids. The premise is pretty simple – you are all pirates that have found yourselves in the ocean chased by a shark – and you must out-swim the other pirates and get to shore before being eaten!

The game comes in an attractive tin about the size of two decks of cards, and contains a hand of cards for each player and nifty pirate figures that you can pull the arms and legs off – this is an important feature of the game! It also comes with a plastic shark model that is far more comical than scary. Before playing we had to apply stickers to the figures, which “dressed” them in appropriate pirate garb, and I had a great deal of fun sitting with Matilda choosing which bit went on what model – though the perfectionist in me nervously hovered around her as she applied the stickers!

Game play couldn’t be simpler. Line up the pirates, with the shark at the very back. The concept is just like the old joke: “You don’t have to run faster than the bear/zombie/shark, just faster than the slowest person.” Each player secretly chooses a card from their deck (they are numbered from 1 – 7) and everyone reveals them at the same time. The figures are then rearranged so that the person with the highest card places their figure at the front, the next highest behind them, and so on until the person with the lowest card finds their figure at the back within biting distance of the shark. They are consequently bitten and you pull off an arm or leg. Put your played cards to the side and begin a new round. When a figure has lost all their arms and legs they are out of the game – last pirate standing wins!

get bit components

And it is lots of fun! With the kids it is just random craziness, shark biting and figure dismemberment (fun for the whole family!). But I can see it being quite a tactical game for more experienced players, as they carefully select low or high cards based on what they have seen the other players play. Games are very quick so you can play it a few times, or when you only have ten minutes spare.

The above review is not sponsored or paid for in any way. It is of a product I have purchased, used and experienced myself, and am sharing with readers as I feel it is of value to you.