Hi everyone. I’ve been a bit quiet lately and I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening around these parts.

At the start of March my wife had a serious health turn and the doctors suspected she suffered a stroke. Face drooped, limbs heavy, couldn’t speak, the whole nine yards. This was, not surprisingly, a shock since we are both still pretty young (under 40 is young, right?). My wife is healthier now, with no lasting physical side effects of the “turn”, but as you might imagine it threw our life into chaos for quite a period of time. Things are only now settling down. The doctors cannot rule out a minor stroke but are currently calling it a “stress induced event”. We are making adjustments to the way we live so that we reduce the amount of pressure on ourselves. I haven’t talked much about my personal life on this blog before, but the elevator summary is: we both work, have a big mortgage, three kids two of whom have special needs and consequently have weekly medical / specialist appointments and the like. We are, like many of you, busy people. We are trying to reduce the pressures of our daily lives. I blogged about the shock of my wife’s illness and what we are doing to change our lives at a new blog, here.

glad thats over

I want to assure you all that I am still working on a new edition of FU, but progress has slowed. I am still getting many comments and emails and facebook messages from people telling me how excited they are and offering assistance. I really appreciate it, and it is this enthusiasm and support that is driving me to continue working on it. I have registered a domain name for FU and will launch it with an option to sign-up for updates in the near future (when I have some more content to share). The goal is to help build an audience and create a contact list of fans so that I can build excitement and enthusiasm for FU as I create it.

I am also thinking about National Game Design Month – specifically how to make it more useful to people. It is an entertaining diversion for one month a year, but I think it could be more useful to gamers. I am thinking of interviewing game designers and manufacturers, small press creators and that kind of thing. These would be blog interviews, though if I had time I would love to do a new podcast, or even a Youtube channel. I would love to hear other suggestions for how to make NaGa DeMon better.

I will continue to post to this blog as I have things to share. I really appreciate everyone’s support and, in the case of FU, patience.