I just backed John Harper’s Blades In The Dark Kickstarter. I love John Harper’s work; Lady Blackbird blew my mind when it was released and inspired a lot of things that I have done, including The Beast of Limfjord. This game looks quite amazing, too. I love the gritty feel to the urban setting (I’m beginning to think I have a “type“!) and the game itself really intrigues me. You play a crew of criminals trying to “make it” in an industrial fantasy setting. From what I can tell, it hooks into some other stuff John has done including Ghost Lines which was a cool little game about men and women protecting trains from attacks by ghosts!

blades in the darkI don’t back a lot of Kickstarters these days, but felt Blades in the Dark was one I could get behind. The setting and game premise are very cool, and John Harper produces great stuff. What really sold me, though, was the way he is handling the POD book – rather than sending a physical book backers will receive a code so they can use a print on demand service and have the book printed at cost. This is a brilliant idea and will hopefully get around all the usual shipping hassles (particularly for someone like me who normally has to pay excessive “international shipping” rates). I’m not sure what POD company will be used, but most of them these days are pretty good. I look forward to seeing how this goes!