frostgrave bookLast week I wrote  post exploring themed spell lists for wizard specialists in Frostgrave. This was originally done because I was looking at spell selection for one of my war bands. I had a figure that I decided was a master of earth and stone, so came up with a list of spells for a Geomancer. It was fun and sparked my imagination, so I have written some more!

Once again each wizard specialist has a brief description and a list of starting spells suitable for their magic style. Each specialist is based on one of the current schools of magic and uses the standard spell allocation rules. I have suggested some alternative spell names [in square brackets] where I felt it seemed fitting.

Entomancer (Soothsayer)

Master of insects, the Entomancer uses bugs to divine secret knowledge. They are able to control and command bugs of all varieties.

  • Soothsayer: Awareness, Reveal Secret, Wizard Eye
  • Chronomancer: Fleet Feet
  • Illusionist: Monstrous Form
  • Thaumaturge: Blinding Light [Swarm of Beetles]
  • Summoner: Plague of Insects
  • Elementalist: Scatter Shot [Ant Swarm]

This is another list that was very easy to write. When I brainstormed possible spells to include there were lots and lots of options. I particularly like the idea of Blinding Light being used to represent a blinding swarm of bugs. I also really like the idea of the soothsayer using bugs to gather information and reveal secrets. Two spells that almost made the list include Furious Quill (more bugs to interfere with the target!) and Imp (summon a giant bug!).

Shadow Walker (Summoner)

Having delved into the dread shadow planes once too often, the Shadow Walker drags the darkness with him, wherever he goes. The Shadow Walker lives between the mortal world and the nightmare shadow realm.

  • Summoner: Plane Walk, Planar Tear, Summon Demon
  • Elementalist: Elemental Hammer [Shadow Blade]
  • Necromancer: Reveal Death
  • Witch: Curse
  • Illusionist: Invisibility
  • Thaumaturge: Blinding Light [Darkness] OR Will Power

This wizard specialist went through  number of iterations and could have been a Necromancer or Illusionist specialist. In the end I decided on Summoner because the other options had too many spells in common with some of the other wizard specialists I have already created. I really like the idea of the Elemental Hammer representing a weapon that has been imbued with the power of darkness and therefore easily slips through armour.

Alchemist (Enchanter)

Potion master and transmuter, the Alchemist is  a Enchanter specialist that has devoted their life’s work to the creation of magical elixirs.

  • Enchanter: Strength, Grenade, Enchant Weapon
  • Elementalist: Elemental Shield [Potion of Iron Skin]
  • Sigilist: Absorb Knowledge
  • Witch: Brew Potion
  • Illusionist: Fool’s Gold
  • Thaumaturge: Heal

The Alchemist is an obvious wizard specialist and the spell choices available make it quite easy to represent – especially if you imagine most of the spell effects coming from a potion of some kind. I like the idea of the Grenade spell being a vial of volatile chemicals, or the Elemental Shield being a potion rubbed over the wizard’s skin.

Three more Frostgrave wizard specialists for your playing pleasure! Don’t forget to check out the other specialists here.