I am heading to my FLGS, Good Games Newcastle, tomorrow night to talk game mastering. The pitch is for Dungeon Mastering, but good game mastering is good game mastering, no matter what game you love to play:

Want to have a chat about world building, character development, story arcs or more to do with your game. Come on in for a cosy sit down chat with other DM’s to discuss the great game and all its facets.
This is the place to get help, talk out what is bugging you and more.
Attending on the night will be some very good Long term DM’s to get involved in the discussion and ask questions of including:
Nathan – published his own roleplaying games and writes many fine stories.
Jason – one of the two founding DM’s of the GG Newcastles massive Seareach campaign. He is a great story teller and a great user of minis in the realm of Role Play.
Tim – local Pathfinder Society leader and GM and player.

As a consequence, I prepared by gathering my thoughts on world building, beginning campaigns and that sort of thing. Of course, things got completely out of hand and I wrote a couple of articles:

GM Advice: 3 Questions to ask before you begin

GM Advice: World Building

Check ’em out and leave feedback on those posts!