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NaGa/NaNo Update #6

Okay, 1.5 hours until November is over. I think I kinda cut things close. But I have had an OUTRAGEOUSLY productive month. Here is my tally of successes; FU – the free universal RPG Come With Me If You Want To Live – the boardgame we bashed out in 2 hours at Iron Game Chef,

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NaNo / NaGa Update #2

Progress continues on FU, though not as quickly as I had hoped. Luckily, the weekend approaches and I have given myself until Sunday to have it completed and posted on the Peril Planet site. I had a couple of issues in terms of putting everything together in a way that both conveyed the information I

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The Beast Grows

At this very moment, as I write, Andrew Smith is running a game of The Beast of Limfjord at Go Play Brisbane. A few weeks ago I had promised him an up-dated version of the game, with all the things I had learnt from the various playtester responses. Then my computer had a major meltdown!

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