Tag: Fantasy

Idea #13: Alien Testament

Take a well known allegory or biblical story and re-write it for a well-known fantasy or alien race. Think Lord of the Rings elves, or Star Trek Vulcans, or Star Wars Wookies!Reimagine how the story would unfold, change plot points or characters to fi…

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Idea #9: Gods or Godless?

Write a story, scenario or game about super heroes in the middle ages, during the height of the Medieval Inquisition (1184-1230). Imagine a time of knights, crusades, constant conflict and deep religious fervor, and add into that mix men and women that…

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Idea #8: The Prometheans

Write a story, scenario or game in the gothic horror genre, where dragons are the misbegotten and misunderstood monsters that seek their place in the world. They are beasts from who the secret of fire was stolen and their race trapped into servitude by…

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Idea #2: The Tower

Take a favorite movie and turn it into a fantasy adventure story or scenario. Here’s mine, I will call it The Tower;
The Grand Wizard Nakatomi is holding a ball to celebrate the construction of his new tower, the tallest in the city. The wealthy and …

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