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I Know Kung-FU

Another FU Hack for you all today, this time I do The Matrix! The original inspiration to do this Hack came from a comment from Jean-Baptiste Breton. I also drew heavily on Steve Darlington’s own Matrix RPG, There Is No Spoon, which is totally cool and worth checking out. The final approach to the “special

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May The Fu Be With You

I asked my 5 year old daughter this morning if she would like to watch a movie. Her reply? “Yes please. Star Wars!” To make her even more awesome, she wanted Episode 4! It seems only appropriate then that I post a little something-something for you all. I present, for your gaming pleasure, my take

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NaGa / NaNo Update #1

So, halfway through week one and I should either be 4950 words into my novel or halfway through my first game, or both. Turns out I am 1650 words into a novel I have no interest in and about a quarter of the way into my first game project.

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Print & Play

I have been taking part in a game design course, creating simple board games that are, all things told, quite fun. I created a little game based on the classic Atari game Frogger (this particular assignment called for...

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